Contemporary Artist...

Patricia Peters ~

The scenery from Jasper in the Rockies through to the Pacific has been Patricia’s greatest source of inspiration, and working ‘on the road’ provided her the opportunity to become acquainted with these areas in all seasons. Now living in Chilliwack, she once again has the opportunity to explore the diverse land and energy of the lower mainland of British Columbia.

Patricia graduated from Brigham Young University in 1976 with her BA in Communications and Art History. After raising their family of six children, she began painting again in watercolor. It took her a while to find her current style and medium, now preferring to paint with acrylics and a variety of gels and mediums.

The works of Canada’s own Group of Seven, Robert Genn, and Mike Svob, have had the greatest influence in her paintings.  Patricia tries to evoke feelings and vitality rather than strict renderings. She employs delicious color and texture to give depth and excitement to her work. One process she uses is to lay down a juicy, hot,
under-painting, and then respond to that energy; allowing color
to seep into the cracks and edges... contrasting sheer transparent color against opaque passages. Her response is intuitive, and her style… continually evolving. Her works vary dramatically from watercolors, thru acrylic, to encaustic and print-making.

About Patricia...

"I find the art of painting to be an intriguing and challenging proposition. Capturing emotions in two dimensions is very personal - yet, at the same time, able to connect the viewer and artist together. The very act of painting lures me in... color, texture, line and storyline, with poetry... conflict... and resolution. When a piece comes together in such a delicate balance, I feel amazing!"